The first Kalooki games ever played in the beginning of the 18th century, ever played in Eastern Europe, under the name of the Rummikub game. These games were in the beginning of the history of the Kalooki games and were played with tiles and not with cards.

The Kalooki players can say that playing with tiles is much more fun than with cards.
The Tile Kalooki game is similar to the original Kalooki game. The game is a mixture of high skills and some luck, some will say it’s the game with the higher level of skill needed. The game also called Rummikub is played by 2 or more players,. Up to 4 at a table, when the goal of the game is similar to the cards Kalooki, meld all your cards as soon as you can, before your opponents will do.

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Today, the Tile Kalooki games are very popular in countries like Romania and Turkey. These Eastern Europe countries are playing the same Kalooki game for decades among family and friends. Lately with the internet spread all over the world, you can find great websites and software’s to provide the same Tile Kalooki players, their favorite game online.
The online Tile Kalooki games open new opportunities to the players, such as playing against players from all over the world and playing Tile Kalooki for real money. If you think you are good Kalooki player and you see some good rank min your games with friends and online, you can make an initial deposit and start playing Tile Kalooki for real money all over the web, against amateur players and professional. Since the game is skill game similar to Poker, some countries allow the residents to make the deposit and to play for real money.

For Turkish tile Kalooki players, Romanian players or any other players around the world, the option to play Kalooki online with tiles can be different experience than cards Kalooki. The game is the same but the user interface, the design and the 3D view make this same game, looks better and more fun to play.

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