The game Kalooki is a very popular game and many online Rummy players are playing Kalooki online as well.  The Kalooki rules are very simple and the game is basically played according to the known Gin Rummy rules.

Kalooki is for two players up to four players on the same table, while these players are the ones to compete for the winning score.  Means that there is one winner at this table, and this is the Kalooki player to get rid of all his cards. The cards in hand, starting with 13 cards are melded into Sets and Runs when the main goal is to meld them all before other players will do that.

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In order to help the players meld the cards in hand into Sets and Runs, each player at his turn can draw new card and discard another. This is the main Kalooki rules when playing online. At your turn you will draw new card either from the discard pile of cards, or from the main pile. This new card will open new opportunities to meld the cards in hand into Sets and Runs. The second main Kalooki rule is the cards discarding. After drawing the card and trying to meld it, next step is to get rid of unneeded card, or from a card you like the other players to think you don’t need. Discarding this card to the discards pile will let you move one step forward the main goal – get rid of all unneeded cards and meld all the cards in hand.

The different cards have different meanings for the players on the same table, one card you have nothing to do with, may be a great card for your opponents.  This is the place where skills are getting into the Kalooki rules of game, this is where you must use the gaming skills and wise, in order to beat your opponents and play better for the final score.

All Kalooki rules, game strategy and skills note are listed on Play Win Rummy website, you can easily find the information you are looking for in order to play and win Kalooki games. The Kalooki software’s online is welcome you to start playing Kalooki online.

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