One of the most popular games in the family of the Rummy games is the Oklahoma Gin Rummy. The basic rules are the same like the original Gin Rummy game, with the need to meld all the cards into Sets and Runs, when there is one major addition. This addition is what makes the Oklahoma Gin so fun to play.

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Among the Rummy players, the Oklahoma Gin has a place of honor. The option to make the games different in the same row, same table, have made many former Gin Rummy players to cross the road and play Oklahoma Gin Rummy. This additional rule is the ability to determine the maximum amount of point, which the player may knock for. This number determined by the first card, the up card and its number is the maximum level. It means that while playing few games in a row, there is an option for long knock players to knock and win, as well as long knock players to fast knock is the knocking number is low.

The Oklahoma Gin Game is played by 2 players only and starts with a pack of 52 cards. If the up card is an Ace, Usually the knocker cannot go for Gin hand and he must wait for better hand to knock for. The Ace card is playing another rule in the Oklahoma Gin game, its always low card and can never be high card for melds.

The rest of the game is very similar to the Rummy family of games, each player must meld all his cards into Runs and Sets and be the first one to knock fir winning. The rest of the players are looking to get rid of high cards and willing to lose the smallest amount of points if not winning. The option to have different rounds, long ones if the Oklahoma Gin up card is high and short ones if the card is low, can make a big different between the rounds and make the game itself more interesting.

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