Good players of Kalooki always follow a certain kalooki strategy while playing this game of cards. Their number one aim is to get rid of all the cards in their hands. Most players would either use the Hunt option or the Going Out option as a part of their strategy to win a round of Kalooki 51 ( Just like Rummy 500 ). But their first aim is always to use the Hunt option. This will enable them to win 40 points. Their opponents who have lost the round would then receive the penalty points due to them. These penalty points would depend on the value of the cards left with them.

Thus not only is it important to win the round of Kalooki with the help of the Hunt option but it is also important to defeat your opponents with as many penalty point as possible to their credit. The Go Out option only rewards the winner with 20 points. And the defeated players would again get penalty points depending on the value of the card held by them. Hunt would involve melding all the cards and laying them on the table at once while Go Out would allow the player to do it gradually. So a player of Kalooki should always plan their kalooki strategy well depending on the cards received b them in any round.
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Remember once again Kalooki doesn’t give the players the option of laying off their cards like other versions of Gin Rummy when a player wins a round. Thus you cannot use your remaining cards to match any of the melds on the table after a winner calls. So you need to be careful as the higher the value of cards left with you, higher will be the penalty points given to you. Most good players also need to make good use of the Joker. The proper use of the Joker will also add to your strategy of winning a round of Kalooki. This is the best cards game online.

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