Kalooki rules are quite simple and can be learnt by anyone who desires to do well in this game. 13 cards will be dealt in this game. The number of cards dealt doesn’t depend on the number of players in Kalooki. Building is an important aspect of Kalooki. It is used by the players to add matching cards to melds which are already placed on the table. The rules of Kalooki are quite clear about the proper manner of building the cards.

It can only be done by adding the corresponding card of the fourth suit to a 3 card set. In case a set contains a Joker, players are not allowed to repeat suits. Building can also be done by adding matching consecutive cards to either end of a run. A Joker is very useful in the building process; it can replace any card and will be equal in value to the card it represents.

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Rummy rules state that when a 3 card set is present with a Joker, the Joker may be released for equal ranking cards of both missing only. If one card of one missing suit is added, a closed 4-card set is formed, from which the Joker may never be released. Also if a 3 card set has two Jokers, players have the option of adding either one of the missing suits, a Joker can be released and a closed 4 card set can be formed. A Joker can be released and used somewhere else if it is present in a run.

The released Joker can be used to melds cards; it is then used to lay the cards on the table at the same time. The player doesn’t have the option of adding the Joker to the cards in their hand. 40 points are given to a player who hunts while players who go out receive 20 points. Know the rules of Kalooki well in advance to play the Rummy games in a proper manner.

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