There are many tips we can write about how to become better kaluki player. When it comes to online Kaluki, the skilled player will win. The more Kaluki hours you have, the more games you played the more Kaluki rounds you will win.
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The first and only thing to do as a beginner Kalooki player is to observe your opponents. Get to know the players you are playing against. You have several methods to do so.

1. Looking on the discards pile. Learn which cards your opponents like to discards. Are they going for Runs? Are they going for Sets? High cards? Low cards?

2. Chat online. Using the chat option is tricky because many kaluki players are using the chat to bluff. But even thou, you can ask for tips, ask about the game itself, tell players about yourself and so on. Personally, I learned a lot from online kaluki players via the chat option.

3. Analyzing the last moves. If you know to analyze last moves, to remember the cards and to learn to know the options you might had, this is the winners move. If you will learn to learn from old moves you will use this info in the future and will win more Kaluki games.

Play more Kaluki games and become better kaluki player ( also Gin Rummy games and Oklahoma will train you well ). The more you will play, the more you will learn and the more you will win.

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