Kaluki is a game of skill and strategic planning. You may start out with unknown cards, but as play progresses, luck is replaced by strategy.

You will play with anywhere from 106 to 108 cards, depending on which version of Kalooki (also: Kallokie, Kaluki) you have agreed to play. Now remember, you are going to be dealt double the cards you are normally dealt.

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Download the Kauki software today – Download kaluki

This means you are also going to need to remember double the cards. This is where a good memory comes in handy — you want to remember the card games that are played because you might discard something you can use later on. Remember, the more you practice, the better you will get.Just like other Rummy games, the more you play Rummy Online, the better player you become.

Pay very close attention to every discard and the melds that your opponents are forming. You need to remember as much as possible, because in every round, you are going to make decisions about whether to draw from stock or pick up from the discards.

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