Kalooki is one of the most played Rummy games, both online and offline. Thousands of rummy players and card players around the world are playing Kalooki games online, in different variations, but the basic rules of the game are the same at any place around the world. Kalooki game demand the player to be skilled and to know the kalooki rules, in order to enjoy the kalooki rounds and in order to win kalooki games.

The most known Kalooki games are the Kalooki 40 and Kalooki 51, both are similar skill games. The note for Kalooki to be called skill game is important for it legacy. In contrary to the online gambling games, Rummy games and kalooki in this group, are 100% legal to play online since its skills and no luck games.

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When you play Kalooki online, you pay attention to the cards on the table and to the opponents you play with. Since the calculation of the cards, the melds within your hands and in your opponents hands and other aspects of the game are important for you to learn how to play Kalooki online and to win the Kalooki games.

There are online Kalooki games to be played for free and there are other games which you can play for real money. Real money Kalooki demands real money to be deposits into the player account, and still its 100% legal. The free Kalooki games are usually less designed and the system to play against players around the world in not available.

Play kalooki games and enjoy the Comprehensive game rules and Texas Hold’em strategic tips alongside valuable platform reviews and rankings.

If you wish to play online Kalooki for free or play Kalooki for real money, you can easily download the Kalooki software and 2 more minutes to open the player account. In the same Kalooki account, you can later play other Rummy games such as Gin Rummy and Rummy 500.

Kalooki 40

Playing Kalooki 40 online, the rules are the same like other Rummy games, but the initial meld must be at least a combined valued cards of 40. In case the player can not reach this value, he can not lay his melds down and can not start building on the table.

Kalooki 51

The rule to play Kalooki 51, require you to make an initial meld with a total value of 51. This is the limit for the players to start their building on the table, before laying down the melded cards and before build otheyr melds on the table.

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